What Can We Do to Help?

Set up a consultation! Our combined experiences has led us to wear many hats. Maybe you need help, maybe you see something that's peaked your interest and you want to talk with us more about it. Maybe you see a way to make this operation even better. Whatever your reason, feel free to reach out. We all get better together!

Doing Homework
Woman with Crate of Vegetables

Parent Consultation

Have questions about how to navigate and collaborate with your child's school?

Professional Consultation

Do you have business or organizational needs that require a more systematic approach? Do you have ethical concerns that you need help navigating?

Farming Partnerships/Opportunities

Have questions about how we can partner or collaborate with you on a small scale farming project or about our small scale farming endeavors?

Chicken Farm
Young Girl Painting

Animal Rescue

Do you have or know of an animal in the Oregon area that is in immediate need of a new home? Let us know and we can work with you on having them join the HHH family or a suitable alternative.


Do you want to help us in a more hands on way? Set up a chat to discuss how you can help! Farm help, research, advocacy, advice, consulting, a little help goes a long way!